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You are probably familiar with the feeling when your child doesn't want to towel off or can't wait to protect his sensitive skin with sunscreen on a hot summer day. You don't have to deal with such problems anymore! A beach poncho can be the perfect solution for such eventualities, which is both comfortable and stylish! Children love to hide in everything, and a poncho is no exception. Thus, it helps the child to dry at the same time, while also protecting his skin from strong sunlight, so you can easily combine the pleasant with the useful, and kill two birds with one stone!


Protection is key!

Most of the beach ponchos are made of 100% cotton, so they are very soft and pleasant to wear, they will not rub the children's skin. Ponchos made of 100% polyester dry in seconds, and this Fast Dry function can be a convenient solution. After going to the beach or swimming, you don't have to worry about the material getting your sofa or beach bag wet, because it absorbs water very easily. Children are also less likely to slip while running because they are wet. In addition, the ponchos are equipped with a hood, so they protect not only the skin from strong sunlight, but also the head, thus avoiding sunstroke. Not to mention that little girls' long crowns of hair do not dry easily, in which ponchos with good absorbent capacity can also help.


Choose a poncho with favorite characters for your child, for a stylish and fun look!

Does your little girl enjoy wearing pink on the beach? The LOL beach poncho can be a great solution! Thanks to its small size, it is easy to transport and little girls look like real princesses in it! Would your little one prefer a cool Star Wars beach poncho? The Fast Dry Star Wars beach poncho is not only stylish, but also a comfortable solution, as it dries in seconds! Several favorite characters appear in our product range, and the eyes of the little ones will light up!

Fill your inventory with the coolest and softest beach ponchos so that little ones who want to go to the beach can find the right pieces for them!