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Beach Towel

The main supporter of cleansing

People learn the need to clean themselves in childhood. It is worth introducing children to the importance of hand towels and face towels in a playful way, generating the most beautiful experiences possible. A towel with a pleasant pattern can easily brighten up your little one's everyday life, so it is important to find the right pieces for them. So it's time to get the coolest face towel, hand towel or beach towel!


 A representative of high quality

A child's skin is still so sensitive that the unpleasant touch of a towel can easily turn into a bad memory. The beach towels are made of 100% cotton, so they are skin-friendly and soft, which contributes to the comfort of the seedlings and does not rub the skin. And their high absorbent capacity dries up water drops on the skin in seconds. The convenient and quick use and the pleasant, caressing feeling together contribute to the fact that the little ones are happy to choose the perfect beach towel, face towel or hand towel.


A beach towel as an accessory to a children's set

On the beach, around the children's pool, there are usually a lot of children running around in the trendiest swimsuits with fairy-tale characters. Of course, you can't stop at frilly, skirt-like bikinis and cool swimming trunks. The swimming goggles must also match the composition, which can be crowned with the right beach towel. Whether it's Fireman Sam, Pokemon, Batman, Super Mario, Minecraft, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony or Disney characters, the coolest beach towels for kids feature some of their favorites. And if these towels also match the color of the swimsuit, that's the icing on the cake!


Versatile use

You don't have to worry about buying a beach towel unnecessarily because your child won't use it in the end. These towels are indispensable accessories on the beach, and they can also display some forms of children's creativity. After all, who hasn't seen little girls resplendent in evening dresses, or little boys building bunkers using a single beach towel?

To find the beach towel, face towel or hand towel of the right size and pattern, browse the wide product range of our webshop!