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What should I wear? A common question isn't it?


Since the mandatory school uniform was removed, colors have appeared in educational institutions and every child enthusiastically chooses his favorite clothes while getting ready in the morning! What goes with what, pants or skirt, blouse or T-shirt, red or blue and many other questions are formulated in them, which can then be discussed with mother while still in her robe, while having breakfast.


Be not only fashionable, but also useful!


Of course, quality comes before fashion, because the dress is worn all day and it doesn't matter what material the skin comes in contact with! Natural material is best to avoid discomfort! The children don't stop after school! Go to the playground, play hide and seek, climb trees, swing and climb! But in order to do all this with pleasure, they need clothes that do not hinder them. Make sure the clothes are durable, because a lot can happen during the game besides getting a little dirty. Good quality pieces usually hold up.


Comfortable and fashionable!


One of the most comfortable pieces of clothing is the warmer, which gives the wearer room to move and is comfortable! The thermal top is a great solution, as it can be easily taken off and on if the children are hot or cold while playing. In cooler autumn weather, sometimes a waistcoat comes in handy, which is fashionable and practical at the same time! It leaves the arms free, but protects the back and chest from the cold, and the hood protects the head when the wind blows a lot.


When they get home, tired after a bath, they just want to sleep, so they leave the choice of pajamas to their mother. Of course, there is also a wide selection of children's pajamas! But the primary consideration here is quality, as our child wears it all night.