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Party Accessories

Is harmony important for you? Do you like colorful, attention-grabbing and atmospheric decorations at a party?


A colorfully dressed room, living room, kitchen, garden, courtyard or any place that serves as a party location looks very good! Nowadays, we can send an elegant reminder invitation card to our guests, which contains all the important information about the upcoming event! Of course, nowadays there is no party without your favorite fairy tale hero! Whether it's a birthday, the end of the year, a name day or, say, a New Year's Eve party! From plates to glasses, from napkins to gift bags, from giant balloons to walking foil balloons, from party hats to pinatas and many other indispensable party decorations with the lovely figure of the favorite fairy tale hero. A Disney princess or Spider-Man themed decoration fascinates everyone and creates a special atmosphere. Anyone who enters will immediately be in a party mood at the sight, as a colorful tablecloth, matching plates, glasses, straws, cutlery, napkins, balloons, confetti, colorful hanging signs, all kinds of spinning decorations on the ceiling and walls bring the party atmosphere and elevate it its quality! At the end of the party, we can pack the treasures collected from the pinata into colorful bags so that our guests can take them home.


Halloween or just a dress-up party?


By choosing from among the costumes in our offer, children can even dress up and for a while transform into superheroes and princesses, a heroic rescue dog team or even the hero of the night, Batman! Role playing, dressing up and the story are important for development! Wearing a costume means so many possibilities for a young child. In such cases, he can hide in the role of his beloved or even terrifying fairy-tale hero, and thus he can more easily deal with his inner tension or release his desires. Let's ask our child who he wants to be and choose the best costume together!