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Dear Customers,


Access to the provided CS database format you have to follow the below steps:


  1. Open the link : https://b2b.javoli.net/login.php
  2. You can login with provided password by us and your email address. (To request a password, please contact us at partner@javoli.com)
  3. You must change the password.
  4. Click to „Database”

Product_number : Every products has an own number

Product_name: the name of products

Status:  „0” =Run out of stock  „1”= Active Product „2”= Active and New Products

product_short_description: Contain the short description

EAN: Contain the own EAN codes (Except the old products and pack products)

min_order_pack_unit: Minimum order quantity

net_piece_price: Contain the base price based on our webshop (net prices)

discount: If the product has discount you can see rate (n percent) in this column

discounted_price: Special price of the product

weight: weight of products (kg/pcs)

available_quantity_cse: Available quantity in stock

Category / Alternatíve Category:  Main and alternative categories of products

Country of origin: Country of manufacture of the product


Our system always update the database once a day.

If you have more question please do not hesitate to write!


Javoli team