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How long has it been around and why is the game good in addition to being entertaining?


Probably already in prehistoric times, our ancestors played with games that could be easily made from materials found in nature, stone, wood, clay, horns, tusks, plants or fruits. Of course, with the development of civilization, games also developed. In ancient Egypt, children already played with dolls with movable limbs, and in ancient Rome they were made of wax. Ancient toys were usually made by hand, today's toys are made of plastic, synthetic materials or metal, usually with the help of machines.

In addition to entertaining and relaxing, the game also plays a major role in the child's intellectual and practical development. It is worth paying attention to the development of the fine motor skills of the hand, because this helps the child to learn to write.


A child will soon be born in the family or circle of friends/acquaintances, so are you looking for a useful gift?

It is getting harder and harder to choose from the range of toys designed for babies that have developed over the years and are constantly expanding! They usually play music or make all kinds of attention-grabbing sounds, are brightly colored and, because they are made of different materials and shapes, they develop touch and the most basic skills as well. There is one that helps reduce discomfort during teething by massaging the gums with its rough surface. Or there are baby toys with musical, colorful figures spinning around, which can hold your baby's attention for a long time. And the pleasant music of the pull-up plush figures soothes and lulls the little one to sleep. Then, as the child grows, the range also expands!

Let's not forget that these toys also need to be stored in something. It is worth getting a storage room as soon as possible, where the small child can easily pack away his toys after a fun-filled day.

You can always find joy with a toy, so take a look around our webshop today to find the most suitable one!