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An essential accessory for sleep - the perfect sheet

The right bed linen is not enough for problem-free sleep - the sheet plays at least the same role. So it doesn't matter which type and which color or pattern we choose. In the case of children, this is especially true, because the developing body needs even more rest. For this reason, during the day, all conditions must be particularly satisfactory so that the child can rest.


The savior of everyday life: the children rubber sheet

The children rubber sheet is specially designed for the nursery cot, so that afternoon naps can take place undisturbed. Thanks to the rubber, the sheet can be easily placed on the bed, and it stays firmly in place even if the child turns a lot before - or even during - falling asleep. Of course, the rubber sheet can be a great help not only in the kindergarten: if one of our nursery's favorite programs is to play or jump on the bed, thanks to the rubber, the sheet will not move from the bed anyway.


Made of quality material for a pleasant sleeping experience

Due to the sensitive skin of children, it is essential to buy quality rubber sheets. Due to the breathable properties of cotton, it is difficult to sweat, and it is also skin-friendly and very difficult to puncture. Ovis rubber sheets are often made of terry cloth, most of which are also cotton, but they have a very high absorbent capacity. Rubber sheets made of this material are very soft and provide a pleasant feeling during an afternoon nap.


Spruce up your child's bed with a patterned rubber sheet!

Sheets may not be the most eye-catching part of your bedding set, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring! In addition to traditional, pale and white colors, patterned rubber sheets for children ensure perfect harmony and a feeling of freedom. Harry Potter, Minecraft, Mickey and Minnie, The Lion King, , Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig and many other fairy-tale characters are waiting to brighten up the children's sheets!

In our webshop, we offer a wide range of cotton and terry cloth rubber sheets and rubber sheets in plain and patterned versions, which you should not miss!