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Face Towel, Hand Towel

It's time to clean up!

Children learn the most during childhood. Already at this time, it is worth developing the habits necessary for everyday life, such as cleaning. This topic is also extremely important, because children play everyday, during which they can get dirty in a matter of seconds. The feeling may be familiar: you don't pay attention to your child for half a minute, and you've already smeared yourself from head to toe. This is also why it is important that they have the face towel and hand towel they like best when it comes to cleaning themselves. In this way, they can learn to use the towel playfully and easily.


100% cotton for a pleasant feeling during everyday use - because children deserve the best!

The most important thing during learning is that the child always feels good, so that he does not have bad memories of the given subject. If our goal is for the little ones to clean themselves easily and willingly, it is worth buying face towels and hand towels made of 100 percent cotton. Their excellent absorbent capacity and soft material enable toweling to become almost caressing, making using face towels and hand towels much more pleasant.


What better way to cheer up your child than with his favorite fairy tale character?

In the same way that the products of our favorite brand make everyday life the most pleasant for us, fairy-tale characters mean the same to the little ones. And during cleaning, the characters on the face towel and hand towel can create the feeling that they are the children's comrades in the performance of everyday tasks. Whether it's Spider-Man, Mickey Mouse, Lightning McQueen, SpongeBob, Peppa Pig, Disney princesses or Paw Patrol characters, they'll all be happy to help your child clean up, so you'll have a towel with any theme at your disposal!


The right accompaniment to kindergarten or school

Face towels and hand towels with fairy-tale characters and 100% cotton material are also completely tailored to children in size. Their 30*50 cm size and low weight allow them to easily fit in children's bags, so their favorite character can accompany them everywhere on the towels. In addition to increasing your little one's sense of comfort in strange places, it is also a hygienic solution, since you don't have to share a towel with others!

Our webshop's wide selection allows you to find the most attractive face and hand towels on store shelves - so that cleaning becomes a game!