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Foot Gear

Is the healthy development of your child's feet important to you?


Do you want your child to wear comfortable and fashionable shoes? Do you want him to enjoy wearing it? Do you want to offer the best quality in your business? Lots of questions, but one answer: Javoli! The footwear category of our online store answers all your questions!

Every parent wants the best for their child, so the question of shoes is always a big dilemma. It should be of good quality, meet the anatomical and ergonomic requirements, be breathable, fashionable, colorful, if possible even light up, flash and, of course, last but not least, if it has your favorite Disney character on it, that's fine too! It is also important that it has a non-slip and flexible sole! Of course, the child is happy to wear it, because he likes it and because it is comfortable to wear. Nowadays, there are many brands on the market, which try to satisfy all needs and wishes!


Which is your child's favorite fairy tale hero?


Footwear decorated with Disney characters is eternally fashionable and very popular, which, in addition to being fun, also lights up! The classic Mickey Mouse, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Spider-Man or Frozen? Maybe Disney princesses or Harry Potter? You will definitely find the right one in our offer, because every child wants something like this!


Disney footwear for every season! Have you found the right one yet?


Sandals are comfortable to wear in summer! Open, ventilated, flexible sole, easy to clean and dries quickly! In the rain, rubber boots are a great service! The main thing is that it has a high stem and is waterproof. Thanks to its rubber material, it does not get soaked and is easy to clean! There is nothing better than jumping in a warm puddle in rubber boots in the summer rain!

Slippers are also comfortable to wear in winter and summer! Flip-flops, classic style or the popular crocs, which can also be found in a lined version in our webshop!

Don't hesitate, take a look around us today!